Northwood Dog Training, Inc.

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Before getting my first dog, I never knew how much life they can bring to our lives.  Now I cannot imagine not having them in mine.  Either in work, play, competition, or as company, we are affected by them.  So much can be appreciated by their basic, uncomplicated outlook.

Most dogs were bred to do some sort of job.  Without that important outlet, many of them can develop behavior problems that result in the dog being given away.

To avoid this from happening, we interact with our dogs in ways that release physical energy and stimulates the mind.  It is important to communicate in a way that is understood by our companions in order to build a bond of trust and mutual respect.  I will work with you and your dog to obtain and improve this important relationship.

What Is Offered

I work with all breeds, large to small, ranging from eight weeks old to adulthood.  I offer aide in behavioral problems, instruct in obedience training, and manners.  Sessions are private and held here or at your home.  In - board training is also available.

Two of my personal dogs.  Techno (above) and Electra (below). Both are Beaucerons.